Delivery Options


Option 1 Air Delivery

 (No Snub nosed breeds/Boston Terriers)

Beagles can still fly! 


Option 2 Ground Delivery


Option 3 Delivery to St. Louis, MO


Option 4 drive in and see us!


Option 5 Fly in to Springfield, MO Airport and we will meet you at the airport for Free!

At this time we have no Air Delivery options for our Boston Terriers due to Airline policy changes. (You can still fly in and pick them up, and fly back with them. They just cant fly out to you by themselves.)

You are more then welcome to drive in to pick one up here from us (Lamar, MO, 64759) or you can fly in to Springfield, MO Airport and I can meet you there with your baby.  I meet at the airport for Free!

Option 2~ We have Trusted Ground Delivery Companies that you can use that will transport to most areas for an extra $400.00. (Prices do vary)

Option 3 is delivery to St. Louis that is only $100.00 and that includes a carry crate.  


Option 1 ~ For air we use Ozark Jet-A-Pet Courier Service to transport the puppies to the airport.  Our puppies fly out of St. Louis and are most often Delivered via Delta or American Airlines.  Occasionally we use United Airlines.  

 Delivery is an additional $300 for American And Delta Airlines. If they have to ship United Airlines it is an additional 100.00 being $400.00  This price includes the flight and the kennel your puppy will ship in.  The puppy kennel is yours to keep. 

It is most generally a good size to begin crate training during the night.  

All of the paperwork will be attached to the kennel in a clear plastic bag.


The bag will contain your puppies baby book- a health certificate, vaccination/deworming records, registration papers and rabies certificate/tag (if puppy is over 12 weeks)

 We usually receive your flight information back the week before your  puppy is to ship.  We will send it to you via an email.  Please respond back letting us know you received it.  The email will contain information on where to pick your puppy up, if you still are not sure, please contact the airport for additional information.  You will need your picture I.D. and a copy of the flight information when you pick up your puppy from the airport.  

 Occasionally, there are changes in flight schedules due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather, mechanical issues, etc.  Please track your puppy's flight at or  This may save you an unnecessary trip to the airport or an extended wait once there.  Refunds will not be provided for delays or postponed flights.  

 Rarely, your flight may even be postponed to the following week if extreme temperatures or weather conditions are being experienced at any of the airports involved.  Most often, these changes occur prior to the puppy leaving us and you will be notified immediately.

 If flights are cancelled due to Mother Nature (to hot/too cold) it is for the best for our babies. Their life and well being is number one priority, Not your schedule.

Puppies are ready 9-10 weeks of age. 

There will be a $100.00 a week boarding charge added to any reserved puppy who stays past their pick up time frame.